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Carolyn Schrader, blog author

Carolyn Schrader

Cybersecurity Evangelist

& Author of this Blog

I am a cyber security evangelist, passionate about keeping digital threats at bay, educating, providing practical solutions and protecting businesses.

The well-being and, indeed, the future of businesses, professional firms, organizations and the government depends upon taking the right security steps now.

Think of me as the interface between tech and the practical, business implementation of it.

My Blog:

Business risks vary by industry, so I post blog articles (at the left), addressing these specialized needs, as well as best practices for businesses in general.

Cyber crime covers a wide range of dangers, and I alert, explain and outline practical steps to take.

I understand the demands you face in running a business, as well as the necessity and solutions for managing digital business risks.


I have years of experience in business management, as well as cyber security and information technology.  Previously, I was instrumental in rapidly growing a high tech company with Fortune 100 clients, where I managed a state-of-the-art data center and implemented a number of security measures to protect high-profile clients’ confidential information.


Additionally, I hold a degree in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.


My articles are featured regularly on the

Washington Center for Cybersecurity Research & Development blog.




Please see my Twitter feed (next to my blog on the left ) for helpful tips and links, in addition to my blog.


You will also find helpful, explanatory videos and other resources, below.


Watch our video to learn

How to Create Strong Passwords

in Two simple steps

Cybersecurity terms, potential dangers... word map

Terminology & Definitions

(Glossary of Security Terms

at SANS Institute website)


Image of padlocks and security terms. Image links to a PDF with free resources to help protect your business.

Who do you call?

(List of Free Resources for help
when a security breach occurs)


I've been hacked.

FBI:  How to Detect an

Insider Threat...

Image of locked access button

The Insider Threat

An Introduction to Detecting

an Insider Spy

(FBI website.)


“This brochure serves as an introduction

for managers and security personnel

on how to detect an insider threat and provides tips on how to safeguard your company’s trade secrets.”

Includes behavioral indicators.

(Hint: Scroll to bottom of document;
click on link to download pdf.)




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